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July 31, 2014


July 31, 2014


glee flashback: cast video diary - chris colfer

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Which is more physically demanding, this (The Flash) or Glee?

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i’d kill for Glee bloopers just because i want to see Darren miss a line in his proper, sweet Blaine outfits and slicked back hair and yell “OH, FUCKING SUCK MY BALLS”

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"I don’t think so, but never say never. Singing has always been a great tool for me but not something I wanted to pursue on its own. I’ve made a lot of promises that I’ll keep singing somehow, so I now have to figure out how I’m going to pull that off."

Chris Colfer (x)

Question: You’ve definitely proven your musical prowess in “Glee”. Do you see yourself releasing a solo album in the future?

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they both look a little nervous about what the other one might write

then just the biggest smiles when they are reassured yet again how much they just love each other

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Last year I had five cards. Now I have fifty. Collection of cardboard tombstones bound together with a rubber band. I hate these fucking funerals, and you know what else I hate? I hate the memorials. That’s our social life now, going to these things. Nick was a choreographer. I don’t know if any of you knew that. He was just starting out; he didn’t tell a lot of people. He was waiting to invite you to his big debut at Carnegie Hall or some shit so we could all be proud of him. But he was so good; he had such promise. We’re losing an entire generation. Young men at the beginning… just gone. Choreographers, playwrights, dancers, actors. All those plays that won’t get written now, all those dances never to be danced. In closing I’m just gonna say I’m mad. I’m fuckin’ mad. I keep screaming inside ‘why are they letting us die? why is no one helping us?’ And here’s the truth, here’s the answer: they just don’t like us.

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